About MindWire

Last thing that you need is another overpaid, transactional consultant. Don’t worry, you won’t get that from MindWire. You can call us the anti-consultants. Instead, you’ll get what you need – the best science, tools, and data on the planet because MindWire is a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index. Combine that with guidance from people who actually care about your outcomes – the support you receive from MindWire is unlimited and free – we don’t charge for our time. 

The goal is to get you what you need to build a world-class organization. We light the way so that you can lead the change your organization needs – and build a brigade of leaders who get results with their talent.


  • We love what we do.
  • We have a spirit of generosity.
  • We celebrate with meaning.
  • We have fun and engage our passions.
  • We practice gratitude.


  • We use world-class science, data, and tools to make things approachable and inclusive.
  • We help make difficult things easy.
  • We lean into our strengths and weaknesses. We’re curious, constant learners.
  • We take our work and our clients seriously—but not ourselves.


  • We’re committed to great, not just good.
  • We do big because we dream big.
  • We’re unreasonably dedicated to achieving results.
  • When knocked down, we get back up. We endeavor to positively impact everyone we know.

Who We Are For

MindWire clients don’t want a vendor; they are looking for a trusted advisor who is in it for both immediate results and the long haul. They need someone who isn’t just going to show up and throw up, but meaningfully listen to them and their opportunities and challenges, then be right by their side to make sure that everything goes smoothly. As your strategic tour-guide, we not only do the work with you, but are invested in helping you stay in the driver’s seat of both your people development and the success of your organization.

Our Team


DaSjaun Rose

VP & Partner

Dave Barclay

VP & Partner

Gail Paul

VP & Partner

Matthew Bock

VP & Partner

Meggan Flaherty

VP & Partner

Robin Massey


Client Support

Amanda Rigel

Manager of Accounting

Veronica Colbert

Client Support Specialist

Breona Mouton

Client Success Manager


Hero Frenzel

Sr. Client Journey Expert

Leadership Staff

Tom Riggs


Jerry Rutter


Candice Frazer

VP of Marketing & Client Experience

Ayse Gulenc Hosein

Director of Operations

Executive Coaches

Craig Bardenheuer

Executive Coach

Diane Bolden

Executive Coach

John Chilkotowsky

Executive Coach

Katharine Halpin

Executive Coach

Kellie Garrett

Executive Coach

Human Capital MUST BE MEASURED. 

We deliver true value, create unique experiences, and enable lasting capabilities across the entire employment lifecycle so that our clients joyfully work with MindWire for decades.

When you choose MindWire, you’re not just getting a solution; you’re getting a thrilling adventure filled with speed, versatility, and a whole lot of good vibes. Let’s drive down the road toward success together!

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