Veronica Colbert Pi Placard

Veronica Colbert

Client Support Specialist

Hey there! I’m Veronica Colbert, one of your friendly client support specialists here at MindWire! I absolutely thrive on collaborating with others and working together towards a common goal. It brings me joy to assist our clients by addressing any questions, concerns, or software needs they may have. Consider me your go-to person for all things support-related!

When I’m not rocking the customer support world, I proudly wear the title of Dog Mom to three adorable fur babies. Beyond that, I’m an avid explorer of the Phoenix food and wine scene. I love the stunning sunsets here that Arizona has to offer, and you probably won’t ever catch me without an iced coffee in hand. And let me tell you, if we ever find ourselves facing off in a game of darts, you better believe I’ll be putting my money on the table to crush the competition!

Before joining the incredible team here at MindWire, my background spanned over 15 years in the Food and Beverage industry. The hospitality industry formed me, but finding a home at MindWire has allowed me to explore new skill sets and further my career path. I’ve discovered and highlighted my natural hardwiring while embracing exciting opportunities to grow.

By the way, I would absolutely love to connect with you on LinkedIn! Let’s expand our professional networks and stay in touch. Feel free to reach out, and let’s support each other’s journeys.

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