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Client Outcomes


Avoided $90M loss in revenue by identifying high vs. low performers


Realized $175,000 ROI in savings from turnover reduction turnover reduction


Reduced turnover by 19% over a two-year period


Increased employee engagement 11% over a two year period


Improved sales growth 23% year over year


Increased employee engagement score 10% year over year

Awards and Accolades

Great Place To Work


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This prestigious award is based entirely on what current employees say about their experience working at MindWire. In early 2024, 100% of employees said it’s a great place to work – 43% higher than the average U.S. company.

We don’t just talk the talk, we dance the dance.

Phoenix Business Journal Best Places to Work – Micro Category – #6


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2022 Best Places to Work | Center for the Future of Arizona

MindWire was honored to be recognized as #6 in the Micro category among hundreds of organization who submitted to the Phoenix Business Journal’s 2023 Best Places to Work. This unique award highlights organizations that are going above and beyond to attract and maintain top talent.

We prove it by doing it.

Top 20 Virtual Sales Training Companies in USA


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Logo for Selling Power

Selling Power’s list focuses specifically on companies that are helping sales leaders navigate the continuing growth in virtual selling by providing sales training programs that are delivered remotely using various technologies.

Nationally recognized sales training gurus

Predictive Index Elite Certified Partner

2016 – 2024

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The Predictive Index

  • Top 12 of 500 certified partners worldwide in 2018-2020
  • Jack-and-the-Beanstalk award for being the fastest-growing partner in the elite tier in 2019
  • Set the all-time record for first year revenue by a certified partner in 2017 (doubling previous record)

Elite Certified Partner = Top-shelf talent optimization expert.

5.0 Star Reviews on Glassdoor & Indeed

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Glassdoor and Indeed provide insights into MindWire’s employer brand and help us attract top talent. They provide firsthand accounts of our exceptional service, company culture, and employee satisfaction. Our rating signals our dedication to excellence and an ability to try it out on ourselves.

We sample our own talent optimization concoctions first.

Titan 100 Award – CEO

2022 & 2023

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Héctor Colón Honored to Accept Titan 100 CEO Award - Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

Tom’s leadership and strategic thinking have been instrumental in helping clients get the highest quality products and services. With Tom at the helm, we have been able to consistently innovate, improve, and stay ahead of the curve in our industry.

Top leadership gets you top results.


Titan 100 Award – President



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Héctor Colón Honored to Accept Titan 100 CEO Award - Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

Jerry’s exceptional ability to strategize, innovate, and execute consistently drives unparalleled results for our team. His leadership, innovation, and unwavering commitment have undoubtedly made an impact on our company’s success. Jerry’s receipt of this esteemed recognition is a testament to his outstanding service and dedication, inspiring us all to reach new heights.

Top leadership drives your growth.

Success Stories

Increasing Sales Performance

As Universal Technical Institute continued to grow and provide trained mechanics to fill high demand jobs, the organization wanted to replicate its high performing campuses across all locations and implement a consistent sales process for enrollments…

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Increasing Employee Engagement

By providing insights from the PI Behavioral Assessment™ and training leaders on how to effectively coach and communicate, Affiliated Dermatology saw an ROI of…

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Friends. Ah ha. Zap. This is the story of MindWire. 

Two awkward fifth graders with gangly long limbs and oversized teeth sat next to each other at lunch one day in a Michigan elementary school. One a lifelong resident, the other a newbie from the exact opposite climate – Key West, FL. They bonded over trading cards and the boating culture of the mid Michigan lifestyle. These two friends built a long-lasting friendship that survived college, cross-country moves, and many corporate experiences. This is the story of Tom and Jerry.

The First Proof of Concept

Later in life, Tom came across a tool that he used as the CEO of a company and head of his own division – the Predictive Index. The tool provided him with the ah-ha he needed to objectively mobilize the talent in his organization. He tried to “break” the tool. But alas the results were consistent and accurate. Tom’s world shifted on its axis. He thought, “If I could have a better understanding of the tricky humans in my work, why shouldn’t everyone?”


From Friendship to Entrepreneurship

Soon thereafter, these grown friends from fifth grade decided to start a business together centered around unbreakable instruments. Tom and Jerry began the business under the moniker of “Viking” group – a nod back to their Michigan high school mascot. But it wasn’t the name, they both knew it. Too conquering, too aggressive. So instead of worrying about a name, they delivered tremendous value and focused on helping others. The name would come. 

It came with a zap. While working on the motor of a golf cart to pull a parade float, Jerry accidentally shocked himself. In frustration, he threw down the wires, frustratingly kissed his burnt fingers and, after a few mumbled curses, he said, “My mind is just not wired for this.” His MIND was not WIRED. And there it was, the name in plain sight. MindWire because everyone’s mind is wired a specific way.

Our Philosophy: Revolutionizing People Ops with Data and Science

Let’s face it – the world has enough suits, jargon, and overpaid consultants. MindWire’s philsophy is to transform organizations with science-backed, data-driven insights MEASURABLY. We’re your strategic tour guide who has your back, gives you unlimited expertise and guidance, and gets you the speedy, then exponential ROI you need.