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Your team is getting sales today and you know they could do more. But your ability to predict how many sales, when, and how they could achieve “more”. Therefore, you need a sales predicting machine whereby your measure fits and gaps, train, coach, sustain, and measure improvements. But this can’t be a one-time event. You need to build a capability among your sales team and your sales leader. You’re in the right place.

Enable your sales team to create a bond of trust with every customer that leads to a 10%+ in sales performance. Obtain the sales just beyond your reach in an easy, fast, and impactful way – the Customer Focused Selling way.

Other Brands Who Use the Customer Focused Selling Process

The Plan

The simple Customer Focused Selling Plan

Know the selling style of your team by examining their Predictive Index® results

Lean into the strengths of your team members using the Sales Skills Aptitude Test (SSAT)

Identify the customer’s buying style and decision-making motivation

Use Customer Focused Selling skills

Get more sales!

The Villain: Status Quo

It’s time to face the truth: your current sales process could be your worst enemy. Traditional (ah hem, transactional) sales processes fall short. The time is NOW to create a transformative change in your organization and achieve the next level of revenue goals. It’s time to build on the foundation from traditional processes and expand into the world of the customer with Customer Focused Selling.

Speedy ROI

Get the results you need faster than ever before. The methodology is simple and easy, so your team can start using it immediately.

Limitless Use

Use the Predictive Index® and the Customer Focused Selling process in your sales process AND in your coaching and development of your team members too. Follow the tried and tested way or make it uniquely yours.

On Your Bench

Expand your internal capability by leveraging the expertise of the MindWire team without additional cost (we don’t charge by the hour). That means you get increased capability and more ROI.

The Customer Focused Selling program has given our team a very simple approach on how to better understand our customers, build long lasting relationships with our dealers, and ultimately drive more revenue for the company.

David Dinda

Regional Development Manager, Nissan

For one franchisee in three regions, the average sales close rate jumped from 12-13% to 27%.

Massage Envy

Best Sales training and trainer I’ve had! Valuable, relevant, and enlightening.

– Customer Focused Selling Attendee

The MindWire PI tools have been a game-changer for me. They helped me understand myself, how I interact with others, and how to adjust in different situations. It’s been incredibly insightful.

Kyle Maresh

Sales Enablement Manager, i-PRO Americas Inc.

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