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40% of High Potential Internal Leadership Transitions Fail

There’s nothing more painful than putting a high performer into the wrong role. You know you have when your they go from stellar to sour. Without a better diagnostic, organizations tend to over-rely on performance as the proxy for potential. You need a better way to accurately predict who you should invest in to take the reins in the future.

Let’s help you keep your high performing employees. Then, we can develop them into high potential employees. Learn what to delegate, how to challenge them, and give them solid stretch assignments beyond “just give them more stuff to do.”

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How To Do It

  Start With Strengths

Use the Predictive Index™ to assess your talent readiness.

Obtain a baseline of who is capable of meeting the current and future needs of your organization.

 Understand Others

Identify factors of performance.

Examine the work style of team members to find what makes your high performers unique and how they make decisions.

Assess Needs

Identify factors of potential.

Map out behaviors, learning agility, and future business needs.

 Build A Capability

Build meaningful development plans.

Move your high performers into high potentials.

The Villain: Performance Alone.

You’ve seen it before, you promote one of your best performers and then, only a few months later, you’re left wondering “what happened?” 93% of high potential employees are high performers, yet 71% of high performing employees are NOT high potentials. You don’t want to lose your high performers, but you know that assigning more “tasks” to those A-players isn’t truly development. You need a consistent, data-driven way to assess the potential of talent in your organization that compliments the data from performance FAST (aka before high potentials leave you for better development opportunities).


Your team will know how to use people data so they can take action, make informed decisions, and increase their efficiency with the Predictive Index™ without relying solely on external support.


The Predictive Index™ is able to be used across the organization and the entire team in a variety of ways – coaching, development, and retaining your ideal employees.

Speedy ROI

Increase your efficiency FAST so you can reduce turnover, improve performance and productivity and have a positive impact on your business goals.

The MindWire PI tools have been a game-changer for me. They helped me understand myself, how I interact with others, and how to adjust in different situations. It’s been incredibly insightful.

Kyle Maresh

Sales Enablement Manager, i-PRO Americas Inc.

The way we are able to understand, utilize, and integrate intelligence about our talent is a result of our partnership with MindWire.

Karissa George

VP of Talent, Meritage Homes

I highly recommend getting in touch with the group at MindWire if you are seeking a well structured and data backed set of tools to realize and enable the potential in your teams!

Michael McNew

Owner, Ethos Construction.

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Use people data and Workforce Analytics to relieve the pressure to get results NOW while diligently caring for your leaders and team.


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