Remove dysfunction

Build Unstoppable Teams

High performing teams get outcomes faster and more efficiently than those based on functional silos and titles. Organizations with big ambitious goals can increase performance by building teams based on the outcomes that they need to achieve. Craft high performing teams fast, again and again, across your organization.

Create teams built for success with MindWire. Together, we’ll give you a way to replicate high performers at scale. Enable a capability in your organization that builds the kind of real trust that gets the outcomes you need.

The Plan

Create a high trust capability with your team with science, data, and software. Here is how it’s done:

Build a team designed to achieve your goals.

Fix the team’s dynamics using science and data.

Teach your leaders how to scale people data so that they can predict performance.

Your Nemesis is Lack of Speed

Your team might be new, complex, or just looking to get better. Lack of clarity contributes to slowing down and your outcomes suffer. But the stakes are high and you need your people to make good decisions FAST. The typical solutions that help with “team dynamics” take too long and don’t stick – they’re a waste of time.

There’s no time to waste. You need a fast, scalable, sustainable solution. It’s here.

Unlimited Support

Efficient communication from a partner who is eager to hear from you and is excited to jump in. We don’t charge by the hour and never will.

On Your Bench

Count on our team of Workforce Analytics experts to support your leaders as they improve team performance.

Build A Capability

Train your internal team to put your teams into high gear.

I highly recommend getting in touch with the group at MindWire if you are seeking a well structured and data backed set of tools to realize and enable the potential in your teams!

Michael McNew

Owner, Ethos Construction.

The way we are able to understand, utilize, and integrate intelligence about our talent is a result of our partnership with MindWire.

Karissa George

VP of Talent, Meritage Homes

Investing in my team’s development and giving them clear instructions based on their personality types has been key. The MindWire training laid out the importance of effective communication- and how to communicate with people different from me, and now I feel comfortable delegating and watching my team really own their tasks.

Kyle Maresh

Sales Enablement Manager, i-PRO Americas Inc.

Make Your Team High(er) Performing

Help your organization innovate, adapt to market needs, meet ambitious targets, and accomplish tasks more effectively – FAST.

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