Pragmatic & Real World

Use real data on actual team members and personal objectives to immediately apply on the job.

Modular Learning

Multiple learning modalities available including online, live, heavy practice, immediate application, follow-up, accountability.


Build action plans that are immediately applicable back on the job and throughout the employment life-cycle.


Evaluate learners’ adoption and usage of the program, measure skill increase, and make an impact.


Not one-and-done – All courses include follow-up sessions and tools to help learners problem-solve, share best practices, and learn how to use additional areas of the PI Software.


Presented in Your World, courses are customized to relate to your leaders, industry, terms, and outcomes.

With unlimited support from MindWire staff to assist with any question or concern along the way.

Workshop Catalog

Coaching for Accelerated Performance

Empower leaders to craft powerful coaching conversations using Predictive Index® data.

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After Coaching for Accelerated Performance, leaders will be able to…

  • Understand and apply Predictive Index data to coaching opportunities with their real team members
  • Increase their impact by adjusting to their actual team members immediately using their behavioral data
  • Prepare for a coaching conversation in 15 minutes or less
  • Increase engagement and retention of high performers

Delegate Like a Boss

And by Boss, we mean like world-class leaders do, with the best science, tools, and data on the planet.

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After Delegate Like a Boss, leaders will be able to…

  • Calculate the actual time they will save when they delegate
  • Identify their unique delegation style using PI data and how to tweak their approach for maximum impact
  • Map opportunities for delegation based on work complexity and individual capability
  • Create delegation plans for each team member including do’s, don’ts, and communication guidelines

Customer Focused Selling

Build a scalable, sustainable sales predicting machine.

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After the Customer Focused Selling (CFS) workshop, learners will be able to…

  • Use the CFS process to create strong customer relationships.
  • Understand others’ perspective and how to sell from their viewpoint.
  • Quickly identify the characteristics and needs of people with different buying styles.
  • Use effective listening and questioning strategies to guide conversations.
  • Overcome objections and move the sales process forward.
  • Expand relationships and achieve better sales results.

Influencing for Results

Teach your team how to sell without selling.

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After this workshop, your non-traditional sales team will be able to:

  • Use the Influencing For Results process to create strong relationships.
  • Understand other perspectives and how to speak from other’s viewpoints.
  • Quickly identify the characteristics and needs of people with different decision-making styles.
  • Utilize effective listening and questioning strategies to guide conversations.
  • Overcome objections and solve problems.
  • Expand relationships and achieve better business results.

Drive Results With Talent

Acquire foundational Predictive Index® knowledge to use across the entire employment lifecycle.


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Become a Trained Analyst in Predictive Index®, which means your team will… 

  • Have a deeper understanding of Predictive Index’s behavioral model.
  • Analyze the three graphs found in the Predictive Index behavioral report, not just the text in the report.
  • Understand the Predictive Index’s Cognitive Assessment.
  • Effectively walk someone through the results of their assessment beyond the text of the report.
  • Use job assessments and targets for hiring and promotions.

The Data-Driven Recruiter

Attract, acquire, and retain candidates who will thrive in your org using Predictive Index® data.

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After this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Increase the pipeline of well-qualified applicants.
  • Craft job ads that attract the ideal candidate and repel those who will not excel in the role.
  • Analyze Predictive Index® data to objectively predict candidate success.
  • Progress candidates efficiently through the hiring process.
  • Enhance your organization’s image, culture, and future.

Design High Performance Teams

More outcomes. Less drama.

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After attending this session, your team will…

  • Accelerate group performance via insights on communicates, decision-making, and conflict resolution styles.
  • Identify team influencers and balancers, plus the unique strengths each team member brings to the table.
  • Harmonize work, boost productivity, and achieve goals by aligning team strengths and strategies.

PI Light

A short and sweet way to learn how to predict the success of talent.

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Designed specifically for busy executives and leadership teams. After this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand their own Predictive Index® Behavioral Assessment, strengths, and motivators.
  • Use Predictive Index to improve trust, communication, and personal impact.
  • Boost Predictive Index acceptance and tool adoption across your organization.
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The Customer Focused Selling program has given our team a very simple approach on how to better understand our customers, build long lasting relationships with our dealers, and ultimately drive more revenue for the company.

David Dinda

Regional Development Manager, Nissan

Before working with MindWire, I had a hard time delegating to my team. But through the [Delegate Like a Boss] training and understanding the importance of skill-based delegation, I’ve seen a positive impact on team dynamics and productivity.

Kyle Maresh

Sales Enablement Manager, i-PRO Americas Inc.

Everyone in talent acquisition should come through this course [Data Driven Recruiter]. The most effective part of this workshop for me was learning how to evaluate candidates based on their natural strengths and how these line up with the specific needs of the job.

– Manager of Talent Acquisition

It was an absolute pleasure working with Jerry Rutter, Candice Frazer and the entire MindWire team at our Annual Leadership Summit! The GCON team is using the coaching methodologies presented to deepen self awareness, promote enhanced collaboration and foster a strengths based organization where we all collectively excel by leveraging our individual, inherent behavior drivers!

Danielle Eddy

Talent Acquisition Manager, GCON, Inc.

MindWire’s Coaching for Accelerated Performance workshop is a really simple and effective approach to coaching and leveraging strengths.

– Coaching for Accelerated Performance Attendee

Best Sales training and trainer I’ve had! Valuable, relevant, and enlightening.

– Customer Focused Selling Attendee

Prior to this workshop, I wasn’t sure how to motivate my people. But now, I have the PI which is like a handbook for each team member.

– Coaching for Accelerated Performance Attendee

David and DaSjuan were awesome facilitators and kept the training lively and participative. I really loved it and would recommend this tool to all HR staff! The training was executed really well too and had just the right variety. They were very helpful in answering all my questions! Gold star!

— Drive Results With Talent attendee

Fast Results

Your leaders will immediately apply what they learned, improving your results within minutes.

Unlimited Support

Efficient communication from a dedicated team saves you time and moves at the speed of your organization.

Knowledge Transfer

Leaders own the resources once they see their ability to independently make their day-to-day more efficient and efficient with people data.

Customize your Own Course or Curriculum

Looking for something a bit more… you?

Clients just like you prefer private events for their teams of 6 or more people. If you’re interested in a custom or private workshop, let us know! Submit a request or reach out to your MindWire partner to explore your organization’s unique needs.

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