Design High Performance Teams

Boost Your Success with Scientifically-backed Team Strategies

  • Accelerate team performance by highlighting how your team communicates, makes decisions, and resolves conflict
  • Gain insights on team influencers and balancers, plus the unique strengths each team member brings to the table
  • Define what needs to happen to work in harmony, accelerate speed to productivity, and achieve your goals
  • Align strengths and strategic objectives to get results



  1. Assess strengths by completing the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™
  2. Define the Team’s Objective
  3. Identify Team Type, uncovering individual and collective strengths
  4. Align Team Strengths & Strategic Objectives
  5. Create Customized Action Plans

Solve your team’s biggest problems and start getting stuff done.

Who Should Attend?

Leadership teams

Project teams

High Stakes teams

Newly formed teams

Teams gaining a new Leader

Complex teams

Measurement & Assessments

Behavioral AssessmentTM by Predictive Index: measures natural drives, predicts behaviors of communication, work style, decision-making and leadership style.

Team Discovery Tool by Predictive Index: visualize your team’s collective work styles against the work needed to be accomplished.

Business Strategy Alignment & Confidence Survey: measures your team’s understanding of and alignment on strategic goals and confidence in their ability to achieve the set goals

Time Investment

This session totals 8-hours and can be broken into two 4-hour sessions or four 2-hour sessions.

While available virtually, in-person is both preferred and recommended, to achieve greatest impact.

39% of employees report a lack of collaboration.

97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project.

Course Overview:

  • Understand strengths, gaps, communication, and work style of individual team members, with pragmatic “do” and “don’t” insights to work together more effectively.
  • View the collective team strengths and gaps, overall with a Team Type.
  • Identify action items to increase team cohesion by addressing communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork.
  • Define what needs to happen to work in harmony and achieve your team’s goal(s).
  • Identify strengths and caution areas that are impacting execution and hindering performance.
  • Root cause analysis to determine the best recommended course of action, creating a blueprint that leads to measurable results and increases accountability.

Pricing: In short, it depends.

Vague, we know. The cost of this session varies depending on your organization’s agreement with MindWire, location preference, group size, and time needed.

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