Delegate Like a Boss

And by Boss, we mean like world-class leaders do, with the best science, tools, and data on the planet

  • Calculate hours per week gained by proper delegation and get back valuable leadership time
  • Learn how behaviors impact what you do well when delegating, where to pivot, and how to use the Behavioral and Cognitive data of your direct reports to make delegating more effective
  • Understand the different goals of delegation (e.g. execution vs. development) and build a delegation plan for every person on their team

53% of business owners believe they can grow their business by more than 20% if they delegate 10% of their workload to someone else.

Who Should Attend?

Business leaders

Leaders of leaders

Front-line managers

Measurement & Assessments

Behavioral Assessment™ through Predictive Index: measures natural drives, predicts behaviors of communication, work style, decision-making, and leadership style.

Cognitive Assessment™ through Predictive Index: is a learning indicator measuring learning style and speed of learning acquisition.

Time Investment

Available in-person as a one-day workshop or virtually as a two-day course, three hours per day.

Prerequisite needed: The Self-Aware Leader, Coaching for Accelerated Performance, or Drive Results With Talent

There are some toxic actions you just can’t afford. Effective delegation reduces these negative effects.

No Time

Never enough time in the day? This is a clear symptom of poor delegation skills.

No Trust

If you feel the need to control all aspects of your team’s work, you won’t be able to focus on the more strategic aspects of your own work.

Stalled Performance

If your results flatlined, it is a clear indication that there is a need for more effective delegation.

Course Overview:

  • Understand self-awareness and delegation, the different types of delegation, and elements of effective delegation.
  • Identify how many hours per week you will gain back when delegating properly.
  • Re-familiarize with Predictive Index, then explore your delegation style, your behaviors, and your motivators.
  • Examine how you delegate to others, identify the motivating needs of others, practice scenarios.
  • Examine what and how to delegate and drive accountability.
  • Build an action plan for immediate implementation.

This unique course will help you identify the total available hours to win back in the day, build a plan to help you offload tasks that should be delegated, and identify how to delegate and to whom. It is a practical workshop with immediately applicable impact – that means you’ll apply it the very next day.

This is not about theory. By attending this course, you’ll transform the concept of delegation from an idea to an actionable, sustainable reality.


*The cost of this workshop varies depending on your organization’s agreement with MindWire. It also depends on if you have attended this course or other MindWire courses in the past. Learners who are attending this course for the second time (or third – no joke) will be able to experience a reduced rate. Why attend multiple times? Some do it to refresh their knowledge, others do it to gain deeper insights and hear from different facilitators.

Looking for something a bit more… you?

Clients just like you prefer private events for their teams of 6 or more people. If you’re interested in a custom or private workshop, let us know! Click on the button or reach out to your MindWire VP to explore your organization’s unique needs.