Coaching for Accelerated Performance

Build Confident and Effective Coaches

The key to your organization’s future success is to build high performing leaders at scale. Leaders must move from individual experts into the position of a leader-coach and help their entire team be and stay the very best in the business.

This type of coaching doesn’t have to be relegated to those who are just “born-with-it” or those who have decades of experience. Coaching can be done consistently and is accessible for anyone with the help of people data powered by Predictive Index (PI).

The Coaching For Accelerated Performance workshop is designed to strengthen your team’s odds of success.

  • Increase coaching frequency, efficacy, and efficiency with a better understanding of coaching styles and how to pivot to meet others needs
  • Understand the role of a coach and how to effectively coach high performers
  • Gain hands-on practice building and executing real coaching plans to implement in everyday life

Thousands of people have been trained in the Coaching for Accelerated Performance Methodology.

Who Should Attend?

Business leaders

Leaders of leaders

Front-line managers

Measurement & Assessments

Behavioral Assessment™ through Predictive Index: measures natural drives, predicts behaviors of communication, work style, decision-making, and leadership style.

Cognitive Assessment™ through Predictive Index: is a learning indicator measuring learning style and speed of learning acquisition.

Time Investment

Available in-person as a two-day workshop or virtually as a five-day course, three hours per day. Includes three virtual follow-up sustainment sessions.


  1. Assess natural leadership strengths and style
  2. Learn how to pivot your style to be more effective with team members
  3. Know when to coach and how to have a coaching conversation
  4. Increase skill, confidence, and effectiveness as a people leader

MindWire’s Coaching for Accelerated Performance workshop is a really simple and effective approach to coaching and leveraging strengths.

– Coaching for Accelerated Performance Attendee

Don’t push your combo factor onto others. I now know how to adjust so that it feels good for others (even if it’s weird for me).

– Operations Leader

I thought this would be time consuming, but I’ve now learned that I can prep in 10 minutes or less. That’s exactly what I need with my busy schedule.

– Coaching for Accelerated Performance Attendee

We’d be better communicators and get more done if we all took this training class.

– Customer Success Manager

Prior to this workshop, I wasn’t sure how to motivate my people. But now, I have the PI which is like a handbook for each team member.

– Coaching for Accelerated Performance Attendee

Biggest takeaway? Knowing what to do with someone’s most important motivator. I get it and know what to do with it.

– HR Director

Light bulbs were going off all day. This is why that person does that.

– Marketing Manager

I move too fast for my employee who is struggling. I now know how to slow down.

– Accounting Manager

Course Overview:

  • Explore the power behind workforce analytics, talent optimization, and how it breeds success
  • Understanding how to interpret Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments
  • Leveraging Drives, Needs, and Behaviors when coaching others
  • Motivating needs: learn how to communicate and connect with others in ways that resonate with them best
  • Understanding what to do with competing drives and motivations (factors and factor combinations)
  • Gaining insights about your Behavioral Assessment and Leadership Strengths
  • Easily identify your leadership strengths, style; then how to adjust your style to others
  • Best practices when conducting coaching conversations
  • Exploring when to coach and when to manage
  • Asking the questions that matter to the other person
  • Dive into the psychology and opportunity of coaching “high performers” more than others
  • Build your customized action plans & set your commitments

While this course includes knowledge transfer and skill building, the real magic is in the pragmatic application to the challenges you have.

You’ll get the opportunity to bring your real-world challenges so that you can apply it immediately.

Price: $1,925/person*

*The cost of this workshop varies depending on your organization’s agreement with MindWire. It also depends on if you have attended this course or other MindWire courses in the past.


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