PI Light

Create Awareness with People Data

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your own Behavioral Assessment, strengths, and motivators
  • Discover practical insights to improve trust, communication effectiveness, and personal impact with team members.
  • Increase buy-in and comfort of the Predictive Index assessment and tools across your organization


  1. Start with Your Strengths
  2. Understand Others
  3. Work Together for Greatest Impact

Create a common language of work styles and strengths.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who needs an introduction to Predictive Index tools and how to apply their PI Behavioral Assessment™ results.

In-tact teams

Leadership teams

Executive teams

Employee groups

Behavioral Assessment™ by Predictive Index: measures natural drives, predicts behaviors of communication, work style, decision-making and leadership style.

Time Investment

This session is completely customizable and is available in-person or virtual.

Timing ranges from a 60-minute to a 2-hour session, depending on audience size and your organization’s unique needs.

Build a capability.

Transfer knowledge across your organization to optimize your talent.

Course Overview:

This session is a “light” introduction to the Predictive Index and a very positive, safe, data-driven session. Participants can expect to get deeper insights into their natural behaviors, motivators, communication needs, and how others see you. The focus of this program is to give individuals and leaders insights into what drives and motivates people, and how those motivators show up as behavior in the workplace.

  • Insights into hard-wired behaviors, strengths, motivators, communication needs, etc.
  • Your natural behaviors & how you might adjust to be a more effective leader or contributor
  • Gaining self awareness on your natural tendencies and how to leverage your strengths
  • Team dynamics, insights team function and how to adjust your behavior to collaborate well

The approach uses scientifically-backed assessments, scalable and sustainable tools, and real-world analytics to increase performance.

Each participant will walk out with:

  • Personalized reports, a copy of their PI Behavioral Assessment
  • Self-coaching tools and Personal Development chart
  • Participant Guide utilized during the session with a simple Action Plan

Price: In short, it depends.

The cost of this session varies depending on your organization’s agreement with MindWire, location preference, group size, and time needed.