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Make The Right Hiring Decision All The Time

If you’re thinking “good talent can’t be as scarce as it seems” – you’re right. It’s possible to expand your candidate pool with speed and ease. Help your hiring team hire high performers who stay with your organization for a long time. You need a FAR better proxy than a resume to predict performance.

With MindWire’s Workforce Analytics, you can:

  •  Expand your funnel of quality candidates
  •  Increase your speed to hire
  •  Improve the quality of your hires
  •  Increase the objectivity of your selection processes

The Plan

Use objective science and data to make better hiring decisions. Here’s how it works:

 Identify what truly predicts high performance using people data.

Use a custom job target to write a job ad that attracts the ideal candidates and repels the un-ideal.

 Use The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™️ to look at a candidate’s FIXED traits.

 Interview ideal candidates ONLY; stop wasting resources on imperfect candidates.

Ready to take action?

Resume-based hiring is too risky

Resumes don’t predict performance. Line items on a resume are a proxy for qualities that change over time – skills, education, experience, and knowledge. They arbitrarily change with the move of a cursor (we didn’t say inflated, but you thought it). Resumes don’t work. Plus, there may be great candidates that you’re overlooking because their resume isn’t perfect. Get a larger pool of high-quality candidates FAST that your competitors won’t have access to. The key is NOT the resume, but a tool that is more objective, scientific, and predictive.

Speedy ROI

Avoid one or two bad hires, make back your investment. It’s that simple.

Limitless Use

Not only use your candidate’s data for hiring, but also to onboard, develop, and grow them.

On Your Bench

MindWire experts are available to you at no additional cost. Expand your internal capability by leveraging expertise from hundreds of clients around the globe.

As we’ve increased our focus on DE&I, PI has been a very valuable tool to ensure that our decisions are objective and that our hiring decisions and promotion decisions are truly made based on alignment with the role.

Karissa George

VP of Talent, Meritage Homes

Before we partnered with MindWire…we had very little awareness of the behavioral styles of the candidates we were bringing on and what types of candidates are going to lead to success in the various roles here at Chuze. With MindWire, we are finding better and more qualified talent.

Nick Barshick

COO, Chuze Fitness

The way we are able to understand, utilize, and integrate intelligence about our talent is a result of our partnership with MindWire.

Karissa George

VP of Talent, Meritage Homes

Knowing a candidate’s natural characteristics helps me ask better questions to make sure our company, our mission, and the employee will be a good fit for the long term.

Randy Drier

Tech Line Manager, Nissan

Everyone in talent acquisition should come through this course [Data Driven Recruiter]. The most effective part of this workshop for me was learning how to evaluate candidates based on their natural strengths and how these line up with the specific needs of the job.

– Manager of Talent Acquisition

To Hire Well, Hire With Data

Hire people who will thrive in the current and open roles in your organization.

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