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Top 5 Tips for Hiring with Predictive Index

By: Matthew Bock

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Have you ever wondered why, despite rigorous efforts, some hires seem to miss the mark while others fit like a glove? You can’t afford to waste $17,000 on a bad hire. The secret lies in the art and science of talent optimization—using data-driven insights to make talent decisions. With scientifically-backed tools like the Predictive Index (PI) at your disposal, the daunting task of hiring not only becomes more strategic but also more efficient. So, how can you leverage PI for hiring to ensure accelerated performance and a thriving organizational culture? Let’s dive into the top 5 tips and best practices to transform your hiring process with Predictive Index.

  1. Start with one role or prominent hire
  2. Prioritize which positions you assess
  3. Hold consensus meetings
  4. Appoint a champion and equip them with knowledge
  5. Assess early

1. Start with One Role or Prominent Hire

Embarking on the PI journey begins with a single, crucial step: building a job target. A job target in PI is not a fancy term for a job description, it’s standard for behaviors that would lead to success in the role. This carefully crafted benchmark helps predict and measure a candidate’s performance potential. This predictive capability is what sets PI apart from other personality tests and hiring assessments, ensuring you’re not just hiring based on gut feeling but on strategic alignment with the role’s demands. Whether it’s a pivotal leadership position or a role central to your business strategy, start with one critical role that, if you got the hire right, would enable you to get results fast. When you create a job target for a top role, your talent acquisition team and hiring managers will be aligned on what kind of person would be successful in this role and you’ll have a greater opportunity to source qualified candidates.

Once you’ve experienced the quick win of a defined job target, you’re ready to repeat the process in other areas of your organization.

2. Prioritize which Positions you Assess

Feeling overwhelmed is common when you’re staring at multiple hiring needs. Here’s a piece of advice: breathe and prioritize. When you identify which hires are most important to your organization, you can significantly streamline your efforts. This focus not only alleviates the pressure but also ensures that your first steps are impactful. The three most common priorities we see with organizations we work with are: 

  • The role with the largest turnover
  • An imminent leadership position
  • A critical sales job

Tackling these roles, in order of significant impact, will pave the way for a culture of success that resonates through your talent optimization efforts.

3. Hold Consensus Meetings

The magic happens when diverse perspectives collide. Holding consensus meetings is pivotal in harnessing the collective intelligence of your leadership teams and hiring managers. These gatherings are not just meetings; they’re brainstorming sessions that define what excellence looks like for a role. By achieving alignment, you create a holistic view of the candidate profile that aligns with your organizational culture and goals, ensuring every hire is a step towards building a cohesive and high-performing team.

4. Appoint a Champion and Equip them with Knowledge

Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is transformative. Appointing a champion within your organization to spearhead the PI initiative is like setting the stage for accelerated performance. But don’t stop there—investing in workshops, like MindWire’s Data-Driven Recruiter or Drive Results With Talent workshops, is the real game-changer. These workshops are not just training sessions; they’re incubators for strategic thinking and effective PI implementation. This knowledge transfer is essential for turning your hiring process into a strategic asset.

5. Assess Early

Imagine having the ability to glimpse into the future potential of your candidates. That’s what assessing early with the PI Behavioral Assessment offers. By integrating this assessment at the beginning of the application process, you gain invaluable insights into a candidate’s natural tendencies and behavioral drives. This foresight not only saves time by focusing on candidates who are a match for the job but also enhances the quality of your hires. The result? A workforce that is not just competent but also harmoniously aligned with your organizational dynamics.

Bonus: Connect with Your Dedicated Consultant

Remember, the journey to optimizing your hiring process with PI is not a solitary one. When you partner with MindWire, you’ve got a talent optimization expert as an extension of your team. Utilizing the unlimited access to your MindWire consultant can significantly enhance your confidence and capability in using these tools effectively and safely. This partnership is your lifeline, ensuring that every step you take is informed, strategic, and aligned with best practices in talent optimization.

Wrapping It Up

Leveraging Predictive Index for hiring is not just about filling positions; it’s about unlocking the potential of your human capital to drive unprecedented growth and success. Your Predictive Index Job Target sets the stage for creating compelling job postings, aligning stakeholders on the needs of the job, and assessing candidates to find that perfect fit. So, jump in, prioritize, engage, and watch as your organization transforms through the power of strategic and insight-driven hiring. The journey towards talent optimization and accelerated performance begins with a single, well-informed step. Are you ready to make better hiring decisions?

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