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Crafting Compelling Job Postings

By: Dave Barclay

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Ready to attract the right candidates?

In an ever-evolving job market, it can be hard to find the right candidate with the skills you need. Just looking at someone’s past job experience  might not tell you how well they’ll perform in your organization and role. That’s where understanding behavior comes in. Using data from Predictive Index (PI) job targets can make your hiring process better. In this blog, we’ll talk about how to write job ads to attract and identify candidates who are an ideal behavioral fit for your organization.

  1. Step 1: Discovering the Right Behavioral Needs
  2. Step 2: Building the “About You” Section
  3. Step 3: Highlight Your Strengths-based Approach
  4. Step 4: Unleashing the Power of Data and Interviewing

Step 1: Discovering the Right Behavioral Needs

First, it’s essential to think about the behaviors needed to excel in the job you want to fill. Predictive Index job targets can help you understand which behaviors will lead to success. You can look at the “Summary” and “Job Characteristics” sections of the PI job report to learn about the behaviors that match the position, and extract key insights. These insights will serve as the foundation to write an effective “About You” section in your job ad.

Step 2: Building the “About You” Section

To create an engaging and compelling “About You” section to captivate candidates, follow these key steps:

  1. Highlight Key Word and Phrases: Select the most important behavioral characteristics from the job summary and job characteristics sections. Focus on those that directly contribute to success in the role. These bullet points will provide candidates with a clear understanding of what’s expected.
  2. Resonate with Real Individuals: Translate those bullet points into sentences that resonate with candidates on a personal level. Use words that allow candidates to visualize themselves thriving in the role. For example, “You pride yourself in delivering exceptional results” or “You demonstrate strong problem-solving skills in challenging situations.”
  3. Infuse Personality: Add a touch of personality to your job posting to make it stand out. Include statements that evoke excitement or passion, such as “You like to get it right!” or “The only thing better than not losing is winning!” This helps create an emotional connection between the candidate and the position.
  4. Position: Place your “About You” section at the beginning of the job posting to immediately capture the candidate’s attention. This section sets the tone for the entire job description, allowing candidates to picture themselves at your organization.

Step 3: Highlight Your Strengths-based Approach

To stand out from other companies and get the best employees, emphasize your strengths-based approach to hiring. You can include this statement in your job ad: “We believe in focusing on people’s strengths and want to bring in individuals who will thrive in their role. We believe everyone should enjoy their work.” This communicates that you are dedicated to creating a workplace where employees can use their strengths and succeed in their positions.

Step 4: Unleashing the Power of Data and Interviewing

To further optimize your hiring process, consider these strategies:

  1. Look Beyond Resumes: Don’t rely solely on resumes. Broaden your applicant pool by considering candidates who may have the right behavioral fit, even if they lack extensive experience. By focusing on behavioral needs, you can identify hidden potential.
  2. Efficient Screening: Save valuable time by using the PI job targets to pre-screen candidates based on their behavioral fit. Focus your pre-screening activity on candidates who are most likely to thrive in your role.
  3. Overcoming Biases: Leverage the PI job targets to minimize unintentional biases during the selection process. By focusing on behavioral needs, you can find people who might not have the usual qualifications but still have the potential to excel in the role.
  4. Data-Backed Interviews: Use the PI Interview Guide, which provides scientifically proven, data-backed interview questions. These questions allow you to explore how candidates’ behaviors align with the position, enabling you to bridge any potential gaps.
  5. Internal Talent Pool: Examine the behaviors of your existing employees to identify individuals who would thrive in the role based on their behaviors. Hiring from within not only promotes growth opportunities but also ensures a cultural fit within your organization.


Creating attractive job ads with the help of Predictive Index job targets can greatly improve your hiring process. By figuring out the right behaviors, adding an interesting “About You” section, and using data-driven interviews, you can find and choose candidates who are a perfect fit for your company. Embrace a strengths-based approach and create a place where people can do their best work, which will help your organization succeed with talented individuals. Remember, finding the right fit is about more than just resumes – it’s about discovering the hidden potential in each candidate.

Your Next Step

Are you ready to level up your hiring process and find the perfect behavioral fit for your organization? Start implementing the strategies outlined in this blog today and witness the positive impact on your candidate pool. Utilize the insights from Predictive Index job targets, highlight the “About You” section at the beginning of your job postings, and unleash the power of data-backed interviewing. Embrace a strengths-based approach and build a team of exceptional individuals who will drive your organization’s success.

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Take the first step towards attracting the right candidates who will thrive in their roles. Start crafting compelling job postings using behavioral insights and make your organization a magnet for top talent. Success begins with finding the right fit – are you ready to find yours?

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