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The Best PI Profile for Sales

By: DaSjaun Rose

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Have you ever wondered why some salespeople seem to effortlessly close deals while others struggle to meet their targets? The secret might lie not in their skills, but in their natural strengths and communication styles. This is where tools like the Predictive Index® (PI) come into play, offering profound insights into how to leverage these innate abilities for sales success.

Understanding Sales Positions and Strengths

A common question we get asked is “what is the best PI Reference Profile for Sales?” But sales roles are as diverse as the people who fill them. From outbound sales, where assertiveness and quick decision-making reign supreme, to inbound sales that thrive on detail orientation and relationship-building, each position demands a specific set of strengths. Similarly, selling products or services differs vastly from solution sales with longer sales cycles. If you don’t recognize these nuances, you could end up trying to put a square peg into a round hole in terms of hiring.

TL;DR: it depends. But, read on for my top suggestions.

The Captain Profile: A Shoe-in for Outbound Sales

With outbound sales, or sales positions with a shorter sales cycle and tighter deadlines, PI profiles with high dominance and low patience will lead to success. For that reason, the PI Captain profile is ideal for outbound selling. It’s simple. Captains are naturally driven and motivated, equipped with an assertive, influential style that’s perfect for guiding customers to make decisions quickly. Their ability to overcome objections, dispel doubts, and amplify buying signals is invaluable in environments where getting to a ‘yes’ swiftly is key. Think of a Captain as your frontline warrior, adept at navigating the fast-paced world of outbound sales with confidence and agility. They thrive on the competitive nature of sales. Other key profiles for outbound selling include the Venturer and the Persuader as they are both outcome-oriented and fast-paced. 

The Altruist Profile: Excelling in Inbound Sales

In contrast, inbound sales or sales positions that have longer sales cycles benefit from PI profiles with higher formality and high extroversion. The Altruist reference profile shines in inbound sales or roles that require meticulous attention to detail and a strong focus on relationship-building. Altruists are service-oriented and customer-centric, investing time and effort into making their clients feel comfortable and informed in their decision-making. They excel in scenarios where nurturing a sale is akin to curating a fine experience – plus they still have a natural drive to move at a fast pace and encourage their clients to move forward in the decision-making process. The Altruist’s forte lies in their ability to create a bond with the customer, ensuring that each interaction is as much about building a lasting relationship as it is about closing a sale. Other key profiles for inbound selling include the Promoter (with high extroversion helping build those relationships) and even the Strategist (with higher formality leading to that detailed follow up and follow through).

The Power of Self-Awareness in Sales

Self-awareness is a game-changer in the realm of sales. When employees understand their PI Reference Profile, they gain invaluable insights into their intrinsic strengths and potential areas for development. This self-awareness is a potent tool. It empowers individuals to leverage their natural abilities while also identifying where they may need to acquire or enhance skills to supplement their innate behaviors.

For instance, a salesperson with a Captain profile, aware of their natural assertiveness and influence, can consciously develop more patience and active listening skills to balance their approach. Conversely, an Altruist, understanding their propensity for detail and relationship-building, might focus on improving their ability to make quick decisions or how to handle hearing “no” more effectively. This level of self-awareness transforms good salespeople into great ones by fostering a holistic development approach.

Moreover, self-aware sales professionals can better align their career paths and roles within the organization. They are more likely to seek out positions and responsibilities that play to their strengths, leading to higher job satisfaction, reduced turnover, and, ultimately, better sales outcomes.

Leadership Challenges and Developing Leaders in Sales

Integrating PI profiles into your sales strategy isn’t just about optimizing current talent; it’s also a powerful tool in developing leaders within your sales team. Understanding each individual’s natural predisposition allows you to tailor leadership development programs that resonate and are effective. Whether it’s harnessing a Captain’s innate assertiveness to mentor junior sales staff or utilizing an Altruist’s empathetic approach to lead by example, the PI provides a roadmap for leadership growth tailored to each individual’s strengths.

Incorporating strength-based assessments into your talent optimization strategy not only enhances individual performance but also contributes to a more dynamic, adaptable, and high-performing sales team. When each member of your team is attuned to their strengths and areas for growth, the entire team becomes more cohesive, agile, and successful in meeting the diverse demands of the sales environment.

The right behavioral profile, combined with skill training such as the Customer Focused Selling workshop will be a winning combo to boosting performance.

When Sales Performance Plateaus

You might be thinking, I have the right salespeople, but my numbers aren’t where they should be. You want more sales. But you or your team has plateaued. This is why you must have a sales predicting process in action to achieve and sustain higher outcomes. 

People love to buy, but they hate being sold. Your team needs to master the art of the “sell” without selling. MindWire’s national award winning sales training program teaches salespeople how to meet their customer’s needs and avoid pressure sales. Our consultative program, Customer Focused Selling (CFS), starts with a Selling Skills Assessment (SSAT) to understand what strengths the salesperson already has, and then we capitalize their selling abilities to improve their results. Now, how much can we increase their sales with CFS? I’m glad you asked. Our certified trainees experience an average of 12% growth in sales. Imagine what that could do if each person on your team experienced those results. 


Consider the different kinds of sales positions within your organization. Are you utilizing the strengths of your salespeople in the most effective way? Do you have an understanding of your employees’ natural strengths, compared to their consultative selling skills? By aligning the right people with the right roles, and up-skilling your team members, you can transform the way your team sells, leading to sustainable growth and success.

Remember, in the world of sales, understanding and leveraging the natural strengths and styles of your team is not just an advantage – it’s a necessity.

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