Increasing Employee Engagement

Increasing Employee Engagement and Organizational Effectiveness

Affiliated Dermatology

Affiliated Dermatology® is a full-service dermatology group, with several Arizona valley-wide locations, offering services in general dermatology, skin cancer detection and treatment, Mohs surgery, aesthetics, and allergy. Founded in 2002, Affiliated Dermatology® is led by Arizona physicians dedicated to Arizona patients.

The Opportunity: Increase Trust and Communication

As the organization grew, there was a challenge of building trust between managers and team members. Communication barriers were creating a lack of understanding, specifically understanding employee’s needs versus the leader’s objectives. Marianne Ketterhagen, Director of HR at Affiliated Dermatology, aimed to bring training and resources on communication skills, cultural competence, and identifying needs to her organization. Ketterhagen’s goals were to attract and retain top talent, improve performance, foster a culture of learning and development, and increase organizational effectiveness.

The Solution: Data-backed Coaching Techniques

Affiliated Dermatology partnered with MindWire and began by providing the PI Behavioral Assessment™ to managers and team members. The organization then rolled out leadership training for managers, including the Coaching for Accelerated Performance workshop with MindWire. In addition, the organization implemented employee engagement surveys using Office Vibe, a third-party platform. The employees can contribute anonymous feedback linked through Microsoft Team survey prompts sent once per week, with a maximum of five questions. Additionally, an employee recognition program called the Pickle Program was implemented, allowing for peer-to-peer, leadership-to-employee, and patient-to-employee nominations. Team members earn Pickle Bucks that can be redeemed for prizes.

“The Coaching for Accelerated Performance (CAP) sessions were insightful, informative, and gave our leadership team tools to walk away with. Since the training, our managers are more confident in building relationships with new and existing team members, as well as managing conflict. CAP provided them with ways to understand what an employee needs from them, without asking the team member directly. The levels of trust and collaboration are significantly higher!”

Marianne Ketterhagen, Director of HR

The Results: Retention & Engagement

As a result, Affiliated Dermatology saw an increase in employee engagement by 11% and reduced turnover by 19% over a two-year timeframe. Employee surveys determined that employees at Affiliated Dermatology feel a sense of belonging and feel more heard. This improvement in retention and engagement allowed the organization to avoid loss of knowledge and organizational expertise as well as see a reduction in employee burnout.

What’s the bottom line? By providing insights from the PI Behavioral Assessment™ report and training leaders on how to effectively coach and communicate with their team members, Affiliated Dermatology saw an ROI of $175,000 in savings from reduction in turnover.


Published July, 2023