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David O’Brien


Hi, I’m Dave O’Brien, VP at MindWire. I’m values-driven and results-obsessed! I’m a coach, leader, entrepreneur, and student of sales and psychology.

I’ve been selling since I was 10 years old when it was grass cutting and snow shoveling, but always about helping solve a problem. My career has taken me through sales in industries such as pharma, auto, and technology. As a Predictive Index partner, I was in the top 5 global providers for seven consecutive years and the largest single provider of Customer Focused Selling training globally for five consecutive years.

Over my career I’ve earned the reputation of being able to teach, grow, and create results through others. I strive to deliver training on the key people skills and behavioral tactics needed to succeed in today’s increasingly digital world. One of my biggest accomplishments is being called a partner, not a vendor.

I’m grateful for family, grateful for clients and still can’t figure out how this short, bald guy ended up being so blessed and able to help so many people. I’m an amateur BBQ smoker and lover of Scotch. I enjoy spending time with my wife of 30+ years, my three sons, and I’m proud to be Papa to three energetic grandkids.