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Jerry Rutter


Hey there, I’m Jerry Rutter! I come from a background of Sales+Kaizen+HR+Entrepreneur which equals Weird! But, all jokes aside, I have experience in hiring, performance acceleration, succession, conflict resolution, leadership development, and building high performing teams. In Operations & Sales, I was the top performing sales executive in the region and nation for three years. I founded a staffing firm and developed and implemented people strategies in HR to drive performance, increase positive employee relations, and improve talent management effectiveness. 

With over twenty years in Human Capital Management I’ve learned that when people and teams are playing to their strengths, things just click. After implementing Predictive Index in two organizations, I realized the power of science and data on humans to bring organizations together and accelerate outcomes. We use science, data, expertise and a ridiculous dose of passion to help clients get measurably better at the people part of their business. Metrics? Science? Data? On humans? Yep!

I get to wake up every morning and help people become better leaders and thwart workplace dread? Now that’s what I’m talking about! Not to mention running a business with my lifelong friend (hi, Tom!) and helping my clients achieve their dreams. 

My clients call me edu-taining – we’ll spend time strategizing and learning, deepening self-awareness, and also laughing together! I’ve got quick quips to keep you on your toes and am ready to infuse humor into training sessions, employee relations, and otherwise-dull meetings. 

At MindWire, my proudest accomplishment is building a culture of joyful, smart, relentless individuals that work together to propel growth and deliver outstanding results. We’ve experienced record-smashing outcomes and gazelle-paced growth and that’s only been possible thanks to the amazing team and the unique strengths everyone brings to the table.

When I’m not at the office or on the road, you can find me camping with my wife and kids (while they still think I’m cool), hiking the local Arizona trails, or collecting eggs from our chickens.

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