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DaSjaun Rose

VP & Partner

My name is DaSjaun Rose and my game is FUN. I’m VP & Partner and I’ve heard I’m one of the most interesting men in the world, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.  

You might think I’m out of this world because I’m all about MARs (Mind-Action-Results.) Engagement, empowerment, and entertainment are the tools I use to transform organizations. My super-power is problem solving. Hence the reason I love conflict resolution. Advancing people is my business and when they win, I win. 

A life-learner with 25+ years of combined experience in education, finance, healthcare, and management. I’m Certified as a DEI Specialist and Relationship Coach. Shortly after working as a Union Representative for over 700 employees, I became a Conflict Resolution SME for HR. I’ve internalized the quote “I have the difficult conversations so you don’t have to.”

I find ways to challenge myself mentally and emotionally, and then I challenge others to do the same. There’s more to climb than a corporate ladder. The way I do one thing is the way I’d like to do everything. Discipline and consistency will always be my strongest attributes.

My personal mission is to teach others the value of leadership and understand how to effectively resolve conflict. 

I’m a health nut with a sweet tooth. When not working, you can catch me reading  and figuring out how to transfer the knowledge I acquire. I’m a family man with strong faith, who just happens to be extremely competitive. Art & music fuels my soul.

I once got in trouble for having too much fun at work 😈, but I had the highest performing team in my department. 

Allow me to help you discover, promote, and retain the best talent you can find. Contact me today!

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