Katharine Halpin Pi Placard

Katharine Halpin

Executive Coach

Don’t be misled by Katharine Halpin’s Southern drawl and disarming laid back manner. Under her graciousness and wit, Katharine is a highly skilled and experienced Executive Coach, business consultant, and board executive with decades of experience. She is the CEO and founder of The Halpin Companies, Inc., a global executive coaching and business optimization firm.  She is a pioneer in Integrative Thinking, helping leaders hold two opposing perspectives simultaneously; “what’s best for the bottom line” and “what’s best for our people”?

After 20 years as a practicing Accountant and CPA, Katharine switched to the ‘softer side’ of business where she gets to see even greater impact on organizations by focusing on the people and the processes required to drive results. She helps business leaders maximize the value of their intangible assets; their people, the corporate culture and continuous growth and improvement. Leaders lose momentum because of the distraction and disruptions caused by ‘people issues’. Katharine fixes that.

Having an educational background as a CPA keeps Katharine grounded in the “bottom line” of an organization, while her accreditation as a Master Certified Coach gives her the skills to partner with key executives to develop their abilities to shift people’s attitudes in order to drive the numbers. Her unique experience and broad perspectives have taught her that sustainable change only occurs when people show up with energy and enthusiasm and step up with ownership and initiative. Her clients report marked differences in the level of clarity and focus within their organizations and the elimination of chaos and confusion. Historic financial results occur quickly when using her simple, practical, methods.

Katharine is a 1998 graduate of one of the first two coaching training organizations, Coach U (now part of Coach Inc.) and became a Master Certified Coach in 1998 in the second ‘class’ of accredited coaches by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is one of the original leaders of the ICF, serving on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the Washington, DC based professional association for two terms from 1998-2000 bringing the organization from a shoe-box to audited financial statements in just two years.