Meggan Flaherty Pi Placard

Meggan Flaherty

VP & Partner

When you need expert help with talent strategy and development, count on me. I’m insightful and witty, which adds a special touch to MindWire’s mission of helping organizations bring out the best in their people.

Where I would be most useful for you and your organization is combining big-picture thinking with a deep understanding of the details that lead to achieving goals. I use creative problem-solving, proactive thinking, and careful approaches to help clients focus on what’s most important – the human side of the work.

Building strong partnerships is a big part of how I operate – these partnerships go beyond just the tasks. I genuinely care about people’s well-being, both in their professional and personal lives, and I’m there to support them through the ups and downs.

A former coworker once called me the “white water rafting guide.” You can use this to remember that I can guide you when planning ahead and handling unexpected talent management situations calmly and confidently.

I’m always curious and I love outdoor activities like mountain biking and trail running. Besides my job, I also take on roles as a wife, caregiver, helper, and volunteer.

Figuring out talent recruitment and management can be really complex. But it doesn’t have to be a mystery. Just imagine having access to the latest insights that support a smart, data-driven talent strategy – this can lead to big improvements in how engaged your team is. If you’re ready to take this journey and want a committed partner for success, let’s have a conversation.

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