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Tom Riggs


Hi, I’m Tom Riggs. I am hopelessly passionate about helping organizations unlock the astounding power of people, leaders and teams at their very best.

I’ve got over 25 years of experience leading people and teams as my career took me from an SVP of HR turned COO, turned SVP of Marketing, turned Workforce Analytics Nut, turned entrepreneurial CEO. (An admittedly odd career path.) With a background in Aerospace, Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Consulting, and Hospitality, I’ve found the common denominator of organizations is the people and my goal is to help leaders and organizations understand their tricky humans to drive performance.

I’m known by my clients as being straightforward, relevant, and compassionate. I’ve got a reputation as a fix-it for complex teams and an agent of positive change, being asked to lead a turnaround in three functional areas – HR, Operations, and Marketing. Personally, I’m obsessively focused on talent, business-leader partnerships and delivering unexpected, business–oriented outcomes. 

At MindWire, my job is leader, not chief doer or chief know-it-all. After more than 20 years as a corporate executive, I aim to counter the cliches and bring real capability, starting with our internal team. I believe in understanding the whole person, leveraging strengths, and empowering my team to grow.

In my off time, you can find me with a good beer cheering on the Spartans and spending time with my family or a good round of golf. 

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