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Leaders: The Crux of it All

All of your leaders need to be force multipliers who attract, engage, retain, and accelerate high performers. Great leaders connect with everyone, not just those they click with. Get a systematic, integrated program that helps you create more great leaders FAST. Stop wasting time with one-and-done approaches. A sustainable method that your leaders will appreciate, own, and love is the only way to quickly get immediate results you need.

Simple, Integrated, Scalable Leadership Development

Get a modular, pragmatic leadership series that is heavy on practice, applications, and sustainment. It’s relevant for leaders who bring data on their real goals, view their actual direct reports’ results, and build real action plans. Outcomes achieved within the hour. 

Where To Start

Begin where you need it most. Take a customizable approach, starting with the most prominent opportunity in your organization. All programs integrate the common language of Predictive Index data, tools, and software, so that leadership development is an ongoing process and scalable, never just an event.

Increasing Leader’s Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the strongest predictor of leadership effectiveness. Your leaders will learn their unique behaviors and needs, build trust with others, and create action plans for each member of their team.

Transforming Managers into Coaches

Help your managers play to their direct reports’ unique strengths and motivations with the Coaching For Accelerated Performance workshop. Once the outdated, one-size-fits-all coaching approach is terminated from their routine, their effectiveness will soar.

Making Better Hiring Decisions

Help your leaders learn how to increase objectivity and inclusion without sacrificing performance. Plus, they’ll examine the best method to increase trust with those joining the team.

Delegating Like a Boss

By BOSS, we mean like world-class leaders do, with the best science, tools, and data on the planet. Your leaders will experience how to delegate properly to drive near-term performance, increase engagement, and get time back.

Developing Others

Help your leaders project beyond their own department which career paths and/or roles might be a good fit for their folks. Doing so will enhance the organizations performance and keep your people.

Leading Change

Watch your leaders become champions of change that get you the results that matter. They’ll learn to lead, persuade, and bring along their entire team, no matter who they are.

Leadership Classes & Books Don’t Work

One-and-done leadership classes and heavy, theoretical concepts found in dozens of the New York Times bestsellers do your team a disservice. They deceive you by making you feel like you’re making progress, but they actually rob you of credibility. Your team holds their collective breath as the flavor of the month makes its way to them. Let’s be real – it’s too slow, the concepts don’t connect, and the material just fades away. Your leaders are back to sleepless nights.

You need to get results fast. To do so, you need a leadership development approach that is easy, timeless, and scales. Good news, you’re in the right place.

Fast Results

Your leaders will immediately apply what they learned, improving your results within minutes.

Unlimited Support

Efficient communication from a dedicated team saves you time and moves at the speed of your organization.

Knowledge Transfer

Leaders own the resources once they see their ability to independently make their day-to-day more effective and efficient with people data.

The MindWire tools have greatly enhanced communication in our organization. The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment has allowed us to bridge style gaps, facilitating appreciation for diversity.

Nick Barshick

Chief Operating Officer, Chuze Fitness

Before working with MindWire, I had a hard time delegating to my team. But through the [Delegate Like a Boss] training and understanding the importance of skill-based delegation, I’ve seen a positive impact on team dynamics and productivity.

Kyle Maresh

Sales Enablement Manager, i-PRO Americas Inc.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Jerry Rutter, Candice Frazer and the entire MindWire team at our Annual Leadership Summit! The GCON team is using the coaching methodologies presented to deepen self awareness, promote enhanced collaboration and foster a strengths based organization where we all collectively excel by leveraging our individual, inherent behavior drivers!

Danielle Eddy

Talent Acquisition Manager, GCON, Inc.

Investing in my team’s development and giving them clear instructions based on their personality types has been key. The MindWire training laid out the importance of effective communication- and how to communicate with people different from me, and now I feel comfortable delegating and watching my team really own their tasks.

Kyle Maresh

Sales Enablement Manager, i-PRO Americas Inc.

MindWire’s Coaching for Accelerated Performance workshop is a really simple and effective approach to coaching and leveraging strengths.

– Coaching for Accelerated Performance Attendee

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