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The Power of PI Personal Development Chart

By: Meggan Flaherty

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Are you looking to help your team members become more effective? Managers who have access to Predictive Index® assessments and software have a number of tools at their fingertips to help them coach their team members. Many managers I’ve worked with have used the Predictive Index Personal Development Chart with their teams to identify areas for their professional development


What is the Predictive Index Personal Development Chart?

So, what makes a Personal Development Chart so useful? Basically, it’s a powerful tool for organizations to support individuals in their personal and professional growth journeys. It’s like a treasure map that helps to bring to life vague feedback someone may have received in the past—but with more specific and impactful actions. This two-page report gives insights into a person’s behavior and helps them focus on where to make adjustments that will make a real difference. 

Here’s how it works: the chart is based on the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™, which looks at someone’s natural behavioral strengths while also addressing potential caution areas that can come with overuse of strengths or with a lack of self-awareness. Essentially, it’s a personalized coaching guide. Individual contributors are able to identify specific behaviors that can enhance their performance, communication, leadership abilities, and overall effectiveness in their roles.


Enhancing Personal Development 

As a manager, the Personal Development Chart can be a game-changer in your quest for becoming a better coach. It provides valuable pointers and actionable insights to remind individuals how they can excel. By introducing the Personal Development Chart to your team members, you can engage in a coaching conversation to target specific areas of growth and co-create a development plan. 

The Personal Development Chart extends beyond individual growth, offering a powerful tool for team development. As a manager, you can leverage the chart to have meaningful conversations with everyone on your team. By discussing their strengths and areas of improvement, you can create targeted performance development plans, coach them to success, and align their goals with the overall team objectives. But the capability doesn’t stop there! Integrating the Personal Development Chart into career coaching sessions can foster engagement, identify growth opportunities, and strengthen your manager-direct report relationships. 


Driving Organizational Growth

At the company level, the Personal Development Chart becomes a springboard for organizational progress. You can use it to enhance your existing programs and initiatives and drive adoption of them across the organization. Using PI and the Personal Development Chart creates a language that everyone understands and makes the workplace a safe and fun place to be. Whether you’re embedding the chart in leadership programs or talent development initiatives, it will make sure your organization is all about that growth mindset.


Key Benefits and Value of the Personal Development Chart

There are many values that the Personal Development Chart from Predictive Index can deliver to you, including: 

  • Pinpoint areas for personal growth and tailor development plans
  • Enhance self-awareness and identify strengths to leverage
  • Drive meaningful conversations and performance development with team members
  • Foster engagement, career growth, and job satisfaction for employees
  • Align individual goals with team and organizational objectives
  • Integrate with existing professional development programs to create a common language and culture of improvement
  • Improve psychological safety and encourage a growth mindset


What are you waiting for?

The Predictive Index Personal Development Chart is your ticket to success. It helps managers like you to unlock the potential of your team members, develop amazing teams, and drive organizational growth. So, if you’re ready to take your leadership coaching and mentoring to the next level, go ahead and access the chart from your PI software account. And if you’re not there yet, no worries! Reach out to me or one of the MindWire experts, and we’ll show you how this chart can change your approach to leading and transform your organization. 

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