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Ready for a Readback?

By: Matthew Bock

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Five Things You Can Expect from your PI results

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery is an empowering experience. With MindWire by your side, reading into your Predictive Index®results (or, “reading back” key insights), you can expect a profound understanding of your strengths and how they shape your work and personal life. In this blog post, I will share with you some of the most consistent findings as I’ve conducted many readbacks with all sorts of different people. Here are five things you can expect during a private one-on-one consultation about your PI results.

  1. Discovering Your True Self
  2. Unveiling New Perspectives 
  3. Strengths in Action
  4. A Revelation of Authenticity
  5. Sparking Meaningful Conversations


Discovering Your True Self

The MindWire process starts with an incredible affirmation. As you explore your results, you’ll find yourself exclaiming, “Wow, yes, this is me all from 2 questions and 6 minutes of my time!” It’s an exhilarating moment when you recognize the essence of who you are. No, we haven’t been tailing you like a private eye—the PI Behavioral Assessment is simply the most research-backed, scientifically-valid workplace assessment that produces a report that is so accurate it’s uncanny. In your one-on-one with MindWire, the conversation will unveil aspects of yourself that you never fully acknowledged before, especially in relation to your work and its profound impact on your life.


Unveiling New Perspectives 

It’s common that your PI results will leave you thinking, “I never thought about myself in those terms or that way as it relates to work.” Yes, you’ll no longer be questioning “am I unable to work in the corporate world?” MindWire provides a fresh lens through which you can understand your strengths in the context of your professional endeavors. Let’s uncover the hidden connections and shine a light on how your innate qualities can be harnessed to propel your success and fulfillment.

The Predictive Index Behavioral Report provides data-driven insights describing a person’s dominance, extroversion, patience, and formality.

Strengths in Action

One of the most remarkable aspects of the MindWire journey is witnessing how your strengths manifest in your current role. For those who are already aligned with their work, the assessment becomes a powerful confirmation of their choices. Conversely, it serves as a catalyst for those considering new paths, offering clarity and validation – “this is exactly why I left.” We’ll take a look at your strengths in communicating, connecting with others, pace of work, decision-making, delegation style, and level of control. By fully comprehending your strengths, you gain invaluable insight into what truly motivates and excites you, as well as the aspects of your role that may not align with your authentic self.


A Revelation of Authenticity 

Unlike traditional assessments that focus on weaknesses and what to change about yourself, MindWire celebrates your unique strengths. Some may anticipate a moment of reckoning, waiting for the shoe to drop and their flaws to be exposed. But your MindWire one-on-one readback is centered around your gifts and hardwired traits, developed since your formative years. While self-awareness is to overcome weaknesses (or “strengths overused) is a good thing, it’s equally important to embrace a positive perspective. Investing time and focus into leveraging your strengths will leave you more energized and more engaged. 


Sparking Meaningful Conversations 

Engaging in the MindWire process often leads to profound and enlightening conversations. The MindWire professional becomes your guide, skillfully weaving a compelling narrative that encourages open dialogue and deeper exploration. The journey goes beyond a quick call—it becomes an ongoing conversation, enabling you to reflect, grow, and gain invaluable insights about yourself.


Are you ready?

You’re invited to embrace your strengths, embark on personal growth, and unleash your true potential. With MindWire as your strategic tour guide, you’ll chart a path towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven career. Embrace the process, be open to surprises, and prepare to gain a profound understanding of your authentic self. 

If you’d like a walk through of your Predictive Index results, reach out to us now. Let’s be extraordinary together. 

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