Driving Performance

Using Predictive Index Data to Drive Performance

The Client: Collections & Contact Center

A large, national contact center (who wishes to remain anonymous for competitive reasons) with about 2,000 employees in the financial services industry with entry-level employees providing customer service and their more senior level employees providing a broad range of collections services.

The Challenges:

  • High turnover in both customer service and collections.
  • Hiring the right fit for their different jobs (which people would excel at customer
    service, which at collections, etc.).
  • How to replicate their high performers in collections and customer service.

The Solution:

MindWire conducted a proof of concept for the organization to demonstrate the predictive value of using Predictive Index tools in hiring, development, coaching/management, succession and most importantly, as a means of driving higher levels of performance. The focus of the proof of concept was on the Client’s collections agents and MindWire conducted the following work, in partnership with the Client:

  • Built a customized Job Target for the collections role that defined the behaviors and learning agility necessary for high performance in the collections role.
  • MindWire then provided behavioral and cognitive assessments to the ~35 highest performing and ~35 lowest performing incumbents, in the collections role to determine if (and how well) the Predictive Index® tools would have accurately predicted the performance of their current incumbents

Proof of Concept Results:

High Performers:

    • Of the high-performing, incumbent collections agents, the Predictive Index® assessments reflected that 83% of them were an excellent (“Green”) match for the job and the data would have predicted high performance from that group in the hiring process.

Low Performers:

    • Of the low-performing incumbent collections agents, the Predictive Index® assessments reflected that 73% of the low performers were a very poor match for the job (“Red”) and the data would have predicted low performance (i.e. NOT to hire) in the hiring process.

The Results:

The Client provided data in terms of revenue per hour and annual revenue produced by high performers, average performers and low performers. If the Client started using the Predictive Index tools and simply hired eight more HIGH performers and eight fewer LOW performers, the annual revenue increase is over $998,000.

These proof-of-concept results led this Client to adopt and deploy the Predictive Index tools and manager training in MindWire’s Coaching for Accelerated Performance program broadly across the organization.


Published in 2018.