Running an organization is HARD. Sales goals, investor relations, market trends. The most often overlooked part of business management is PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: those complex, tricky humans. We get that. We get THEM!


If we could just clone some of our HIGH PERFORMERS…

  • We’re hiring, but…it’s a challenge to get it right.
  • We need to inoculate ourselves from top talent flight.
  • How can we identify our future stars hidden among our ranks? (Dusty three-ring binders won’t do.)

We’ve got BIG SALES GOALS. Now what?

  • We need a systematic, repeatable process, not a one-time rah-rah event.
  • How can I “un-bury” my sales managers, so they can really help us win?
  • Who are the ones that will get us there? –I need insights and answers, right now.

Leadership is everything. How can we get THERE with our leaders?

  • Are top leaders born or made? What should we select for and what can be developed?
  • We have managers–what we need are more leaders.
  • We don’t have time to reinvent the wheel, but we need to systematically increase leader performance. Now.

The right talent needs the right rewards. What makes them STICK AROUND?

  • Compensation is complex—boards, regulatory requirements, shareholder activism, executive needs and desires. How do I navigate this successfully?
  • Incentive pay—especially for leaders and sales teams—is critical. How can I ensure it’s driving outcomes and creating value?
  • In a dizzying world of compensation and benefit plans, how can we offer a package that delivers value for our key talent, yet doesn’t break the bank?

Strategy is about executing with speed. We need SPEED!

  • We’re not certain how quickly & efficiently we’ll execute our current strategy.
  • We don’t know the critical few actions that would actually accelerate strategy execution.
  • We don’t have simple tools to measure our progress and keep us on track.
  • We don’t have a way to help our leader out through the fog of war to create meaningful alignment.

Human Capital is critical, so how do we finally MEASURE IT?

  • We need a common language for talent.
  • How can we define measurable standards of excellence?
  • “Trust me, this people stuff is important/working” just isn’t good enough.
  • How can we measure and get better across the entire employment life cycle?